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Jean-Pierre Delpech [ +33 (0) 6-78-87-37-19 ]

The trade-union Guyenne-Blond was created in 1989 by 12 farmers in the departement Lot et Garonne (47) , the heart of the breed Blonde d’Aquitaine ; nowadays there are 100 members, all of them cattle-breeders registered at the UPRA.

Currently settled in15 French and overseas departements  (the Reunion island), the cattle –farms belonging to the Trade-union Guyenne- Blond develop the best stock of the breed Blonde d’Aquitaine.

For over twenty years, these farmers have been carrying on with worldwide famous breeding stocks such as:

  • Petille, champion at the “Concours Géneral Agricole”in Paris.
  • Mégane,(1345kg) at the Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris(2002).
  • Orchidée, champion at the “Concours Géneral Agricole” in Paris.
  • Ortie(1353 kg) at the National Competition in Pontivy.

Every year, 1100 animals (heifers, cows, bulls ) embryos and bull semens coming from the trade-union farms are commercialised by Guyenne-Blond.