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Jean-Pierre Delpech [ +33 (0) 6-78-87-37-19 ]

“The Blonde” has all  the best  qualities you can expect from a breed.

The Blonde d’Aquitaine  easily adapts to all sorts of weather ,from the coldest (Canada) to the hottest (Argentina, Brazil…..)

It has strong limbs, and its wide hips, its pelvic opening  make calving easy and produces beautiful and  slender calves, with light bones, a long head and shapely legs.

The Blonde d’Aquitaine has many qualities , greatly appreciated by the farmers : it is  strong, docile , lives a long time (10 years) and is very fertile.

The Blonde d’Aquitaine  also has a high meat productivity and grows quickly. Its qualities are greatly appreciated by butchers, the carcasses are well-formed with a good weight, fine bones, little fat and waste, a good meat productivity and a lot of fast-cooking pieces.

Each of these characteristics increases the value of the carcasses Blonde d’Aquitaine and explains the fact that this breed is appreciated by  farmers,  butchers and  customers.

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